On the Uselessness of Playoffs

For the sports fan, the beginning of April is one of the most wonderful times of the year. NCAA Basketball is celebrating a new champion, the Masters is just days away, baseball season is starting, the NFL Draft is on the horizon, and spring is in the air – it’s time to start warming up the golf clubs or the baseball glove or to put a new set of strings on the tennis racquet.

During this time, pundits release carefully crafted predictions of who will enter into the lore of October and take the World Series title. Six grueling months of playing at least six days a week summit in an eight team playoff that serves as a celebration of the best baseball club in the world’s finest league. Every year, analysts trumpet the virtues of the system: the eight best teams rise to the top during the regular season followed by the league’s best outshining the other seven by being the first to win the required number of games against three opponents. This is essentially the same formula as any playoff system works on: ‘Survive and Advance.” But is it really the best way to determine a champion? Continue reading

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Opening Kickoff

For those who’ve stumbled upon this site believing it to be the blog of a major professional athlete, stick around, this might be even better.

My intention for this blog are thus: to discuss sports in a highly intellectual and analytical way and to discuss other things that I find interesting (such as religion, world events) in a unique manner. I hope to write a ‘feature’ type post once/week (though that will ebb and flow given the amount of other activity taking place in my life) and to write a more stream of consciousness type post whenever I feel like it. These ramblings will be called “The Run and Shoot” after the football offense.

The main sporting interests of the author lie in the four major sports teams in Detroit and in the university teams down the road in Ann Arbor. I think it likely that much of my discussion will not center on these teams specifically and will be interesting to all sport fans in addition to some non-sport fans.

In closing, the blog’s official motto:

Ocho Cinco: Where the name on the back of the jersey is more important than the name on the front.

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